His Organization Edit


To feed or teach his people the Lord has used the Watch Tower publications, and of this fact we have an abundance of proof. No man is given credit for the wonderful truths which the Lord has revealed to his people through the Watch Tower publications. It is certain that all who are of the temple class believe that the Lord is feeding his people through these publications; therefore when we come together, instead of listening to the views of some man, why not have a study of some of the wonderful things which Jehovah has brought to the attention of his people and taught them through his chosen means of teaching?...

If one appreciates the capital organization of Jehovah, then he must have in mind at all times that Christ Jesus is the Head of that organization and it is always the head that directs the operations of the body. He stated that when he appeared for judgment he would be accompanied by his angels, which angels carry out his orders. Without doubt these angels are delegated by the Lord to convey his instructions to the members of his organization on earth. Just how this is done is not necessary for us to understand. Believing that Christ Jesus is directing the work on earth, then we must conclude that the visible ones put in certain positions in God’s organization are there by his will and must render account to him; otherwise they would be removed. Over the entire organization is Jehovah; and as Jehovah and Christ Jesus are one, so likewise must all of the organization be one. Jehovah has answered the prayer of Christ Jesus and made all one who are of his organization. These things being true, then if one in the organization receives directions, and those directions come through the place designated to give instructions, then the instructions should be obeyed as unto the Lord.