Christian greeting. The Japanese manuscript of "The Harp of God" will be ready in two weeks [December 15]. As soon as it is ready, I will send it to you.

I was given the privilege to speak at the Japanese Baptist Church of East San Pedro, Cal., last Sunday night. Rev. Ito, the pastor of the church, welcomed me and offered me the opportunity to speak once a month at the Sunday night service. The topic of my last lecture was, "The Bible is the Word of God." There were forty present and they were agreed in THE TRUTH .

Rev. Ito is a Fundamentalist. He can neither speak nor read English. So he said: "I don't know anything about this Modernism. I wish to stick to the fundamental doctrines of the Lord and the apostles. It is horrible to look at the present condition of Christian people now. And I am so glad that the Lord keeps me in this old-fashioned faith."

There is another Japanese minister coming to my home every Thursday night to study the "Harp." His name is Rev. Ishiguro, of Los Angeles Japanese Independent Christian Church. He says that he is not satisfied with the doctrines which he was taught.

So, Brother Rutherford, the separation of sheep and goats is clearly going on among Japanese nominal Christian people now. Praise the Lord!

I have sold thirty-four "whole sets," two Bible-Student Bibles, and some other books since September 20th. I sold them all to Japanese.

Yours in him by his grace,

J.AKASHI, Calif.