Songbook 1928

Song 63: Give Praise to Jehovah

[in the upper left corner] Mary C. Jewell.
[in the upper right corner] Jessie G. Herr.[1]
Alt. 66



Give praise to Jehovah!
'Tis nothing of thine -
This Light that is shining,
With glory divine.
Thou hast nothing worthy,
Thou did'st not receive
From God, thy Creator.
To Him honor give.


Set him e'er before thee;
Keep self out of sight.
So shalt thou shine for him
With heav'n's radiant light.
Walk e'er in His presence,
Give God the first place,
Endeavoring always
His leading to trace.


Go forth with rejoicing
Heaven's comfort to strew;
Give thanks for each service
He giveth to do.
Give praise to Jehovah;
His Kingdom proclaim,
Till earth's teeming millions
Shall honor His Name.