Songbook 1928

Song 29: The Prospect



Come, all ye saints, to Pisgah's mountain,
Come, view out home beyond the tide:
Millennial Canaan is before us,
Soon we'll sing on the other side.
O! there see the "white throne of glory,"
And crowns which the saints then shall gain,
And all who shall love Christ's appearing
Shall be blessed by his glorious reign.
O! the prospect! it is so transporting,
Reapers, hasten the gath'ring, we pray;
We rejoice in the glory that's promised,
And the dawn of millennial day.


Thence springs of life will e'er be flowing,
Robing the earth in living green,
Visions of beauty rise before us
When the King and the saints shall reign.
Soon our conflicts and toils will be ended;
We'll be tried and tempted no more.
And mankind of all ages and nations
Shall be blessed in that triumphant hour.


Faith now beholds salvation's river,
Gliding from underneath the throne,
Bearing its life to whosoever
Will return to his Father's home.
They will walk 'mid the trees by the rivers,
With the friends they have loved by their side;
They will sing the glad songs of salvation,
And be ready to follow their guide.