Songbook 1928

Song 10: Arise! Arise! Ye Saints of God!

Words and music by Jessie G. Herr.[1]
Alt. 16, 22

March movement



Arise! Arise! Ye saints of God,
Gird firm your armor on.
The time has come for all to fight;
The siege will not be long.
The Lord, our Captain, goes before,
He leads his mighty throng.
Then rise and join thee in the ranks,
His truth shall be our song.


He calls! He calls! With joy we haste,
To join him in the fray.
His strength shall bear our spirits up
To press on in his way.
We're willing in his day of pow'r
To serve as he doth guide.
With loyal and with faithful hearts,
We labor on his side.


No more at ease shall we sit down,
But in his strength we go.
With boldness, trusting in his grace,
We fear not any foe.
O, use us, Lord, to serve for Thee,
Shield us with pow'r divine.
No credit for ourselves we claim,
The Victory be thine!