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But do the American people wish to be Hitlerized or swastika-ized? They will be if The Associated Press has its way, because that institution is controlled by Big Business, and Big Business is in cahoots with the Roman Catholic Hierarchy for Nazifying the United States and therefore will not allow its black-robed sinister partner to be shown up in its true light. Because Judge Rutherford's speech contained the truth about the Roman Hierarchy's steps and plans in depriving the American people of their liberties, The Associated Press is withholding fair and clear presentation to the people of BOTH sides of the question raised by the refusal of the Lynn boy to salute the flag....

Eventually the people will find out, anyway, that the United States Senate has approved the flying of the flag of the pope above the Stars and Stripes, because of the supposition that the flag of the pope is the flag of God. Why not let the people know that truth now? Eventually, the people will find out, anyway, that the project is on foot for the United States to exchange ambassadors with the Vatican, and that Jesuit plans are well under way to seize the United States government and run it in the same way that Spain and Mexico and South America were run for centuries, and the way Italy and Germany are run now by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy.


It is absolutely convincing and satisfying. Read it, and decide now whether you wish to be Hitlerized, swastika-ized, Nazified, or Mussolinified by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, The Associated Press, or anybody else acting in their behalf. Watch your step, or you will be compelled soon to say the equivalent of "Heil Hitler" before you know what it is all about.

The Society today would portray the flag salute issue as simply a matter of "Christian neutrality", but Rutherford's views were thoroughly political. Refraining from saluting the flag was a political act of resisting foreign incursion in America, of resisting the forces aimed to overthrow the American government. In short, you would be protecting your own country from foreign threats by refusing to be co-opted by them. Yes, yes, it was also about allegiance to God's kingdom and opposing Satan's organization. But it wasn't just that. The Society conceals the fact that at the time, Rutherford promoted a xenophobic, bigoted conspiracy theory as another rationale for resisting the flag salute.